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Name:Will Graham
I've never felt as alive as I did when I was killing him.

"Dawn on the First Day - Devil Sold His Soul"

Dawn's tired eyes make shadows the day's first casualty
as you lose my eyes again, you fell too short, everything has changed
my trust fades

I cannot see the sun
first light never to be seen again
as I come to terms with another death of a close past
the final straw of a drawn out hate, well I unfold

half light arcs across the pavement, leaving it dull
the highest clouds on the edge of space converge,
I’ll do this on my own

why should I be grateful?
for a broken love, and a broken respect
when it tears me down,
I’ll get back up, and I’ll stand my ground

my trust fades, I cannot see the sun
first light never to be seen again
why should I be grateful for a broken love and a broken respect?
the final straw of a drawn out hate, well, I need it back once more

a shadowed face, how should I have done this on my own?

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